I really like this fabric but it’s so busy I knew I’d want to do it with a simple silhouette.  

This pattern seemed like a good fit, the only detail was some cute pleating on the front.  Actually, learning pleating was a bit challenging at first.  It was tricky to get the fabric to fold the way I wanted it to and it was hard to get the pleats even spaced.  I like the style but the shape is a little wide.  I think it will look cute with leggings or skinny pants.

Unfortunately the back looks pretty messy, I may actually unpick it and re-sew it.

I’m really happy with this.  After the Kimono PJs from the Amy Butler book I wanted to try a kimono style pattern in a knit so I worked with this pattern:

This pattern has a tie on the inside and a button on the outside
Since I’m totally obsessed with owls at the moment this fabric was an obvious choice.
I think the bias tape on each of these really made the garments look much more finished.


Kimono Style PJs

This pattern turned out really cute.  It’s another pattern from Amy Butler’s Little Stitches, the Kimono Style PJs.

I did something pretty silly here and used home decor weight fabric for this.  It’s a bit rough and will probably have to be layered over a thin tee or something but we’ll see.  I’d like to try it again with a fabric weight.

I made my own bias tape for this one and was really happy with how it turned out
 I love the matching trim at the bottom of the pants.  I’ve since made a couple pairs of pants using this pattern (including some adorable bee ones) that I’ll share soon!