Circle Skirt Wonder

After all of these patterns I’ve been purchasing I decided to try a couple free patterns from bloggers I’ve been Pinning for a while.

One of the patterns I’d been eyeing for a while was by Dana.  She has a really nice and simple pattern for a circle skirt.  She even had instructions for how to make it for adults and children so I did both!

I made one for a friend of mine to wear to a Swing Dancing Event, I was really happy with how it turned out and she loved it as well!
So you know how easy and quick this pattern is; I bought my fabric and elastic the morning of the dance and had whipped up a skirt for my friend, a skirt for myself and an itty bitty one in a matter of a couple hours!

 I think this one is adorable and was REALLY fast!
However, I did run into some challenges with the hem and am still trying to learn more about hemming really slinky fabrics.  Hopefully I’ll eventually revisit this and master a rolled hem.


The Love Continues

Ah! I swear, I cannot say enough nice things about Oliver + S patterns!  My next purchase was the Sunday Brunch Jacket and A-Line Skirt.  It turned out so cute!  It was such a breeze to work with this pattern as well!  I loved the little pockets and the pleat on the skirt and I tried my hand at covering some buttons and loved the result.

I used the owls’ little bellies as the center of the buttons because I loved the little pattern they had.
Oliver + S patterns have the cutest details like these two little pockets on the skirt

This is one I’ll definitely make again and again in different fabrics!

Easy Empire Waist Top

I purchased Amy Butler’s Little Stitches for Little Ones a while ago and have already blogged about the bedding set, Kimono Style PJs (twice) and the Snuggle Wrap.  Next on my list was the  Easy Empire Waist Top.  I had some fabric that I LOVED for this project.

I fought with this one a fair amount.  I’m such a visual person and I really wish the book had more pictures.  However, the result is very cute!  I love the details on this with the collar and the front little tie.  My secondary fabric was a little hidden but you got a big view of those flowers on the back!

Cheater Quilter

Okay, okay I know I asked if I was cheating when I sewed those blankets/play pads with the pre-quilted fabric.  This is probably slightly less “cheaty.”  I desperately want to love quilting.  When I see beautifully pieced quilts I want to quilt for hours and hours and create quilts that look like works of art.  But (there had to be a but) when I sit down to start one of these quilts that will take me hours and hours (or days and days) I just can’t, or maybe don’t want to, do it.  I lose all of my motivation and want to walk away from my sewing machine so; I cheat!  I call this less “cheaty” because I actually did cut out squares, lay it out and sew rows together and then sewed those rows together into a quilt.  I enjoyed it, I liked the outcome and I’m completely okay with me not being a serious quilter now.  I’m going to keep trying my cheating methods and look up some very simple quilting techniques and muster up some motivation to quilt!

Oh yeah, I used some pre-quilted backing as well (double-cheating!)

Did I mention I just sewed around the outside edge?  No, well I did (triple-cheating?) I haven’t actually quilted anything here.  I still like it!

Sewing Honeymoon

Ahh, if sewing the School Days Jacket + Coat our long term relationships has continued and the Honeymoon was the School Photo Dress.  Another ADORABLE creation from Oliver + S with the perfect little details.  My favorite detail?  The front pocket to tuck two little hands you could look at the dress without noticing it since it’s tucked nicely into those front seams!

I love how finished the lining makes the inside look

I learned a lot about zipper sewing during this pattern.  I really enjoy how hidden the zipper is and that when it’s zipped up it’s barely noticeable.  I’ll definitely do a lot more with invisible zippers in the future!

I opted for the flat collar rather than the ruffled one but I’m looking forward to doing this pattern again as well!

Falling in LOVE with Sewing

This garment made me fall completely head over heals in love with sewing!  The AMAZING feeling I got upon the completion was so wonderful I wanted to show it off to everyone I knew!

Now for the background.  I’d heard wonderful things about Oliver + S patterns and I decided to try one.  Of course I didn’t go with one of their simpler patterns but instead dove right into the School Days Jacket + Coat  that picture on the pattern envelope got me!  My instincts were overridden by the adorableness of that little bitty coat.  When I found the perfect fabric at the same store as I was buying the pattern I knew it was meant to be!  I bought another fabric to make a second version of the coat but I’ll get to that later.

Here she is in all her glory:

Oh oh oh the closures kill me!

And the itty bitty hood!  So ADORABLE!

So many parts of this pattern were firsts for me.  First time doing a lining in a garment, first time doing a hood, first time with the closure type and first time with sleeves!  But I have to give Oliver + S a LOT of credit for an amazing pattern with so many pictures and great written instructions.  I especially love that they warn you that certain things may look/feel odd in process but will turn out perfectly!

Ah so in love!  Can’t wait to share the next version of this coat with you 🙂

A New Sewing Machine!

I got an award at work which came with a gift certificate of my choosing.  So I used the opportunity to a sewing machine that wouldn’t DRIVE ME CRAZY!  I researched and researched and researched and finally chose a Janome.  It was far harder for me to choose a model but I finally landed on the Janome DC 5100.

It’s been a completely new experience sewing on the Janome.  I don’t have the bobbin issues I had before, it can handle several layers of fabric.  I’ll have lots of pictures to show what I’ve been sewing up with my new machine!

I’m in love!