Circle Skirt Wonder

After all of these patterns I’ve been purchasing I decided to try a couple free patterns from bloggers I’ve been Pinning for a while.

One of the patterns I’d been eyeing for a while was by Dana.  She has a really nice and simple pattern for a circle skirt.  She even had instructions for how to make it for adults and children so I did both!

I made one for a friend of mine to wear to a Swing Dancing Event, I was really happy with how it turned out and she loved it as well!
So you know how easy and quick this pattern is; I bought my fabric and elastic the morning of the dance and had whipped up a skirt for my friend, a skirt for myself and an itty bitty one in a matter of a couple hours!

 I think this one is adorable and was REALLY fast!
However, I did run into some challenges with the hem and am still trying to learn more about hemming really slinky fabrics.  Hopefully I’ll eventually revisit this and master a rolled hem.


One thought on “Circle Skirt Wonder

  1. I love circle skirts! I like the polka dots!! I have found that the narrower the hem is, the better. I also like to zigzag the raw edges before turning it under twice to hem. The zigzag adds a bit of resistance and makes it easier to keep the hem narrow. Also, a shorter stitch length and going slow help.

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