I really like this fabric but it’s so busy I knew I’d want to do it with a simple silhouette.  

This pattern seemed like a good fit, the only detail was some cute pleating on the front.  Actually, learning pleating was a bit challenging at first.  It was tricky to get the fabric to fold the way I wanted it to and it was hard to get the pleats even spaced.  I like the style but the shape is a little wide.  I think it will look cute with leggings or skinny pants.

Unfortunately the back looks pretty messy, I may actually unpick it and re-sew it.

I’m really happy with this.  After the Kimono PJs from the Amy Butler book I wanted to try a kimono style pattern in a knit so I worked with this pattern:

This pattern has a tie on the inside and a button on the outside
Since I’m totally obsessed with owls at the moment this fabric was an obvious choice.
I think the bias tape on each of these really made the garments look much more finished.


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