Trying out a New Option

I wanted a hobby that would be easy to travel with.  I am generally a machine sewer so I didn’t want to take my traditional sewing projects on the road but a book inspired me to start embroidering, that book was: Doodle Stitching.  I bought the book and had a long flight upcoming so I read through, printed a bunch of the outlines and prepped a bag of embroidery materials.

First was this puppy, since I have two dogs this was the one I went to first!
 I also made a Onesie with a Mermaid and a Merman on it.  I especially love her hair!
Then I made the hedgehog because, well, hedgehogs are adorable!
This is a fun traveling hobby and the outcome is adorable but I don’t think I’ll put down sewing to do this as my primary hobby.


Head over Heels

You may remember my First School Days Jacket + Coat well since it made me fall in love with sewing I knew I’d make it again!  I thought I’d try a completely different fabric so I decided to try my hand at a raincoat.

I fell in love with this green apple oilcloth at Haberman Fabrics.  I’ve since learned that Oilcloth can off-gas for quite a while and isn’t ideal for Children’s clothes.  To say I was bummed would be a huge understatement!  I may make another out of laminated cotton.

The oilcloth was quite challenging to work with but my New Machine handled it like a champ!

Ahh, in love all over again!

Itty Bitty and Adorable

After doing the circle skirt (times three!) I was onto another classic pattern from a blogger I Pin all the time. Made by Rae had this really cute pattern for an Itty Bitty Baby Dress.  The tie closures and piping had me won over and the pattern was simple enough to give it a try.  The fabric is vintage that I picked up at an Estate Sale.

I made it in the Itty Bitty size (newborn).  For this size I did the piping at the waist and the bias tape hem.

I made a toddler version in the same fabric with the piping in the middle but a normal hem at the bottom.

I like that the bodice is lined so no seams rubbing up against baby’s skin and this dress was really simple and super quick!