Lesson 3: A Well Written Pattern is REALLY Valuable

I made a few purchases over the next couple months of 2010 as I expanded my repertoire.  One of those purchases was Amy Butler’s Little Stitches.  I also purchased One Yard Wonders an Oliver + S pattern and a couple Butterick/Simplicity patterns from JoAnn’s.  By far my favorite was the Oliver + S pattern.  The pattern had pictures at all of the crucial steps the instructions were clear and detailed and the details were meticulous, by the time you were done the garment was polished and beautiful, they looked like they were production level quality.  

I’ve abandoned projects halfway through a pattern because the instructions weren’t clear.  I’ve stared at the pieces I’ve sewn, read the instructions 32 times over and said “What?!!?” every time and then I give up on it.  I’ve realized that the reason I like sewing is that it’s a challenge but that when I stop enjoying it, when the enjoyment I’ll get out of a project is less than the frustration I’ll get from it I can give up on it without regret.  Some of those projects I’ve come back to and completed others still remain in my sewing room and a small few have been discarded.

This is a snuggly blanket from Amy Butler’s Little Stiches which I think is adorable

The instructions were confusing and I wound up with some mismatched corners

This is just a flaw in my capabilities at the point, TERRIBLE buttonhole skills


4 thoughts on “Lesson 3: A Well Written Pattern is REALLY Valuable

  1. I came across your blog by chance today 🙂

    This is Rosie from the crafter meetups. I received the Oliver & S Little Things to sew book for Christmas and was looking through the Flickr group for inspiration and immediately recognized your owl school days jacket and the apple rain jacket!

  2. Hi Rosie! What a small world 🙂 I got the Little Things to Sew for Christmas this year too! I'm excited to try it out, let me know if you find any great inspiration! I just started this blog but it's been fun so far.

  3. Hi Amy! Are you going on Thursday? Maybe we can coordinate a project and sew along together at one of the next meetups 🙂

    I have my eye on the bear carrier and winter hood – just trying to decide on fabric from my stash!

  4. Yep! I'm going, I'd be happy to coordinate on a project and I definitely want to do both the carrier and the hood! I'll see if I can pull out some fabric to cut tomorrow 🙂

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